Thomas Hollon Lee

Born: 21 Nov 1829 in Giles, Tennessee, USA

Died: 04 Dec 1886 in Fulton, Arkansas, USA

Married: Mary Ann Britton on 13 Apr 1852 in Cornersville, Marshall, Tennessee, USA


  • Edward Lee
  • Margaret

Siblings: Unknown


  1. Mary Caroline Lee (1853 – ?)
  2. John Jefferson Lee (1854 – ?)
  3. Annie Elizabeth Lee (1857 – ?)
  4. Susan Alpha Lee (1859 – ?)
  5. James William Lee (1861 – 1941)
  6. Thomas Hollon Lee Jr. (1864 – 1945)
  7. Emily Maude Lee (1868 – )

5 thoughts on “Thomas Hollon Lee”

  1. Thomas H Lee and Mary ( Polly Ann) Britton are my great grat great grandparents..

    Their daughter Annie Elizabeth married Newbern Caldwell Sutherland
    Their daughter Alpha Susan married William Samuel Warner
    Their daughter Susie Mae married Luther Smith Hazlewood
    Their daughter Judith Nanna married Bobby Eugene Mayhall
    Her daughter (me) married William Michael Phillips

    1. @Beverely Phillips
      It’s nice to hear from you. Please let me know if you have more information you would be willing to share. Sooner or later, I’m going to get around to updating this website more often.


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