Wow, its been almost a year since I last updated the website.  This is no good.  I resolve to be better about maintaining the site in the new year (lets see how long that lasts).

Big news in the family: Samantha is engaged!

Yes, my bratty lil’ sis has found a great guy and I wish Sam, Chris, and Cody all the happiness in the world.  No date is set yet.  So stay tuned.  I may update with details (…next year?).

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy start in the New Year.

Uncle Bobby


BTW… I know several people have left comments and have tried to contact me through the website over the last year (and a half).  I’m sorry, I haven’t been ignoring you.  I just forget about the website from time to time.  I’ll try to get in touch with each of you in the near future.

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