Got 99 problems…

… but GoDaddy ain’t one!

So, if you’re seeing this post, and the website doesn’t look quite like you remember it, then the transfer went through and welcome to the newly rehosted

If you don’t remember, way back in last year, both houses of Congress made a push to pass internet censorship bills (SOPA & PIPA).  When this happened, GoDaddy came out early to support these bills.  They later retracted their public support when the public overwhelmingly rejected the idea.  GoDaddy has stayed quiet about it, but the word is they still support the federal government going to such extremes.

When this all happened, I decided not to renew my web hosting service with them (renewal was still over a year away) and look for a new hosting platform for my website.  Today, I signed up with BlueHost and I’m now in the process of migrating and updating the website.

I know I don’t keep track of the website all that often and it’s gotten pretty stale, so hopefully with this migration effort, I’ll finally get around to making some fairly decent updates.

And yes Mom, I’ll put the family tree info back up.

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