Lee Family

The Lee Family Coat of Arms
The Lee Family Coat of Arms

Virtus in Ardua – “Courage against Difficulties”

From Wikipedia:  Lee is a common surname in English-speaking countries. There are several distinct origins of the Lee surname. The most common surname of English origin is derived from Middle English lea, meaning “meadow, forest clearing”, and is therefore a name describing the bearer’s place of residence. In Ireland, Lee has been used to anglicize Gaelic Laoidhigh, an occupational surname meaning “poet.” Spelling variants of both the English and the anglicized Gaelic names include Leigh and Lea. The Lee of Shropshire, notable as the forebears of the colonial American Lee family (members of which include Richard Henry Lee, Zachary Taylor, and Robert E. Lee), has a name derived from Norman de Lee.

Currently, I can trace back to Thomas Hollon Lee (1829 – 1886) whose parents were Edward (b: 1809 d: after 1830) and Margaret (b: 1808 d: 1830?) Lee of Virginia.  Thomas Hollon was born in 1829 in Giles County, Tennessee.  He married Mary Ann Britton on April 13th, 1852 in Cornersville, Marshall County, Tennessee.  As of yet, I do not know if Thomas was an only child, or if he had any siblings.

Significant Branch Families: Britton, Brown, Clark, Wilkins

Allen Ray Dollins
Floyd Edgar Dollins
26 Jul 1921 - 16 Jan 2010
Floyd Allen Dollins
17 OCT 1947 - 14 MAY 2004
Betty Lou Weaver
15 JUN 1926 - 16 JUL 1977
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Floyd Allen Dollins
Birth17 OCT 1947Gladewater,,Texas
Death14 MAY 2004 Corpus Christi , Texas
Marriageto Paule Kriel
FatherFloyd Edgar Dollins
MotherBetty Lou Weaver
PARENT (F) Paule Kriel
Marriageto Floyd Allen Dollins
FKatherine Ann Dollins
MAllen Ray Dollins
MMark Dollins

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    1. @Robert D Lee
      I don’t have any information on Hugh Lee, but I would love to see what information you have. There are a lot more Lees out there than I first thought. I’ve only been able to go back to Edward and Margaret Lee in Virginia, 1840.

      Hope to hear from you,
      Bob Lee

  3. Hi,
    My name is Kristen McGee. I am a Lee. My grandmother is Iva Lee.

    This crest is a little different then the one I am familiar with for the Lees of Virginia. The one I am familiar with has a squirrel on it and it dates back to Richard Lee High Sheriff of Salop, 1479. He carved the mott Ne incautus futuri (Latin) Not heedless of the future into the mantel of his castle and designed the coat of arms I attached to this webpage. It is also the same coat of arms that Colonel Richard Henry Lee ” the Immigrant used in 1640. I am curious where this other coat of arms comes from, what branch of the family?

    I have taken the Lees back to aroun 800 AD if anyone is interested. It actually goes back farther but I decided to stop. If you go to the Society of the Lees website you can see all of that as well. If you would like me to email you the family tree I have. I will just email me at kristenmcgee14@yahoo.com

    Kristen McGee

  4. Both my parents are Lee’s. My Mom is from Humphrey De Lee’s side and my Dad from William De Lee’s side.. feel free to contact me.. just a shout out from Virginia. Both my parents are Texans but we moved to Virginia. I’d love to hear from any cousins.. Karen

    1. Hi, I have my Lee line traced to John De Lee in England,1430=1478. Would love to compare notes. There are some questions I have about Charles Bethel Lee and James B. Lee

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